Thursday, June 18, 2009

Damn We Suck

Ugh. I'm not really surprised that after matches with Italy and Brazil in the Confederations Cup we'd have two losses. I'm a little peeved, however, that in the process we've given up six goals, scored only one (on a PK, no less), and finished each game with 10 men. Quick thoughts:

Fire Bob Bradley.

Dear Beaser - Look, I love you, man - you've been the captain on my dominating Winning Eleven team for years - but your international days are over, at least for now. Thanks for the memories.

Fire Bob Bradley

In spite of the six goals, I'm pleased with the performance of Jonathan Spector and Jay Demeritt on the back line. The defensive problem lurks more in the midfield, methinks.

Did I mention - fire Bob Bradley?

It's not that I think we have talent to match the Italians or the Brazilians, 'cause we don't. I just don't think Bob is getting the most out of the player pool we have. Since we're short on top-level talent, we gotta' get the most out of what we got. Sorry, Bob.

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