Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Album of the Day

Area: Crac!. Area is one of the classic Italian prog bands from the 1970s. Unlike, say, PFM or Banco, Area displayed more fusion than the symphonic tendencies. A song like the opening "L'enfante bianco" compares favorably with the likes of Mahavishnu Orchestra. A defining element of the Area sound is vocalist Demetrio Stratos, whose unique style is much less "out there" than I've been led to expect. But maybe that's just a factor of the other stuff I listen to! In fact, this stuff here is pretty accessible. "La mela di Odessa (1920)" breaks into a deep funk groove in the middle (complete with spoken word vocals from Stratos - rap?!?!), while "Gioia e rivoluzione" would be a great sing along tune if only I spoke Italian. Great stuff!

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