Friday, February 06, 2004

Album of the Day

Cye: Tales. Cye is the lone entry in my catalog from Switzerland. This 1994 release is, to my knowledge, their only album. I got it based on the usual "sounds like mid-period Genesis" blurb in the catalog (I know better now). To their credit, the band actually do manage to sound different than most neo-prog bands out there, with a larger emphasis on acoustic guitar work and lush harmonies. The production is a bit rough in spots, but not horribly so. This is actually the kind of album that makes me glad I do the A-Z thing every year. It's not great - I rarely play it, to be honest, although one track does have a spot on a stuff disc in the car - but I enjoy hearing it and reminding myself that something different lurks on my CD shelves.

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