Thursday, February 12, 2004

Album of the Day

echolyn: Suffocating the Bloom . . .. echolyn stormed out onto the prog scene from Philadelphia in the early 1990s and quickly became the genre's great hope for mass exposure. A major label contract with Sony 550 Music led to As the World, in 1995. But before that came Suffocating the Bloom . . ., a brilliant album that really established the band as one of the top prog bands of the 90s. echolyn managed to make an album that was complex, catchy, and moving - all at the same time. The "Suite for the Everyman" sort of tells the tale of the band trying to get into the industry with their first album and manages to savage the suits while at the same time pledging to do their own thing and not be corrupted by the system. Unfortunately, the deal with Sony went sour and the band broke up, for a while. Reformed in 2000, the band is now exploring new directions with the same stunning results.

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