Thursday, February 12, 2004

Mike's Smack n' Snack

In the course of my job I read a lot of court cases and, therefore, a lot of different factual scenarios related to crime. Mostly variations on a them, actually, but that's for another time. Occasionally, I run across a set of facts that is really funny or really stupid. Today, I found one of the funny ones. This is the introduction to the facts of United States v. Darwich, 337 F.3d 645 (6th Cir. 2003):

Darwich owned and operated the Canfield Market in Detroit, Michigan. The market sold snacks and alcoholic beverages but did not sell any milk, eggs, or bread. Market customers also were able to purchase nickel bags of marijuana from Darwich. According to Tom Smith ("Smith"), a former employee of the market, an estimated nine out of ten market customers purchased marijuana from Darwich. Darwich stored the marijuana on his person and in Pringles brand potato chip cans on the store shelves.

No wonder "once you've popped you can't stop"!

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