Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Dumb Religious News

Two notes of religious absurdity: reports that a seven year-old girl in Pittsburgh was suspended from school for swearing - she told a fellow student who said, "I swear to God", that he was going to hell. "Hell" was the swear word in question. That, I think, is a silly reason for a suspension. Here's a better one: what is this brainwashed little fundy doing telling her seven year-old classmates that they're going to hell?!?!? Dad insists they aren't "religious fanatics." Sure, OK.

In the city of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, there sits a 10 Commandments monument. Placed in the city park back in the 1960s, its constitutionality was challenged by local citizens. Rather than move the monument to private land, the city council very cleverly sold the sliver of land under the monument to a local religious group. A federal district court has said that isn't good enough. Read why here.

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