Thursday, February 05, 2004

Pro-Life Pop Quiz

OK, here's a stumper for the pro-life crowd. A multi-national surgical team is preparing for an operation to help a child born with two heads. The procedure involves removing the second head, with which the normal head shares blood vessels and other delicate things. The hope is that a successful operation will let the girl grow up healthy and she will live a normal life. Buried in the story, however, is this information: "Although only partially developed, the mouth on her second head moves when Rebeca is being breast-fed. Tests indicate some activity in her second brain. "

Hold on a second. Mouth movement? Brain activity? Sounds like a living thing to me. In fact, it sounds a lot like that poor brain dead woman in Florida who Jeb Bush and his pro-life brigade won't let go gentle into that good night. So where is the distinction? I'd really like to know the answer.

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