Tuesday, February 03, 2004

More Boob-Fueled Brouhaha

Not surprisingly, the ruckus caused by the SuperBowl halftime show continues. USA Today takes a broader look at the issue of television standards in general. You know, on the one hand, it amuses me that the brief display of a tit on national TV can puts the nation into such a tizzy. On the other hand, it would be a lot easier to defend the incident if it were more than a crass publicity stunt by a has-been pop star who is probably desperate to deflect attention away from her brother's impending kiddy rape trial. Either way, let's just let it go away, OK? Something more appalling will happen this weekend at the Grammys, anyway.

For another perspective, taking the NFL to task for being shocked at all this, check out this column from the online version of USA Today. It makes some good points.

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