Friday, February 06, 2004

Somebody Call George Carlin

There is an article in today's USA Today that deals with the topic of boorish fan behavior at college sporting events. It specifically cites a Maryland-Duke basketball game this season where the Maryland fans shouted "Fuck you, J.J!," every time Duke's J.J. Redick stepped up to take a free throw. University officials fear they have no way to discipline with foul-mouthed fans without running afoul of the First Amendment (as it is a state run school). I'm not sure on the legal issue, but, c'mon, is that the best you can do? We did worse in high school, if I remember correctly. Not as vulgar, to be sure, but more psychologically damaging, I think. And don't forget some of the well rehearsed chants heard in English soccer stadiums - the ones not suitable for prime time sensibilities (except during the SuperBowl halftime show, apparently).

So, yes, the kids are being boorish and juvenile - what did you expect? George Carlin has a truly dirty cheer that he cooked up for some occassion. I can only recall that it ends with "hooray lizard shit fuck!" That's more like it!

For an example that clearly crosses the line into insulting, consider that before the a United States Olympic qualifying soccer match in Mexico this week the Mexican crowd was chanting "Osama! Osama!" during our National Anthem. Still bitter about Korea, I see!

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