Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Belt Tightening in F1

As the 2005 F1 season draws near, the powers that be in the sport continue to look for ways to save money and keep the sport alive. In one move, all of the current F1 teams except Ferrari have agreed to a limited number of testing days at a limited number of European circuits. The dirty secret of big time racing is that teams spend much more time and money testing than racing. Ferarri is obviously reluctant to agree to such limitations, since it has its own test track and enough money to sometimes run simultaneous tests at three different tracks! Ferrari is critical to F1's future, but I hope Jean Todt and company realize that the prancing horse can get too big and powerful for its own good.

The other cost cutting maneuver being floated by Max Mosely is some sort of salary cap and age limit for drivers. I'm not quite sure how a salary cap would work. Would it only apply to drivers or teams as whole? Sure, Schumacher is expensive, but I think most of the money goes into development of the cars. Capping drivers' salaries wouldn't end that. And I see no reason for an age limit, unless Max wants to start a senior's tour.

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