Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Now That's a Persuasive Political Strategy

You're a local politician, hoping to move your way up the political power structure. But the last time you tried, you barely received a 1% pity vote. How to move people to support your next campaign? Threaten to kill yourself! That's what a St. Louis School Board member is doing, via his blog. A repeatedly failed mayoral candidate, the guy has made lengthy blog posts detailing his history of depression and earlier thoughts of suicide. This is not the guy's first brush with oddity during his political career, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

He has moonlighted as a sex columnist while a member of the School Board, ran ads for a rich wife to help pay for his 1997 mayoral bid, applied for a reality TV show called "American Candidate," sought election to Congress, the state Legislature and the circuit attorney post, and continues to bombard the city's media daily with meandering e-mails.
He must be an interesting debater. The DNC still needs a leader, right?

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