Monday, January 10, 2005

A Twist on the Right to Die

Connecticut is making preparations for its first execution in 45 years, thanks to a confessed multiple murderer who says he wants to die. The guy has fired his public defenders and hired his own lawyer "to defend what he calls his right to die." Not surprisingly, his PDs have gone to the state supreme court arguing that the guy is out of his gourd and can't rationally make the decision to fire them. The way the guy frames the issue, as his right to die, makes me wonder how the right-wingers who so passionately advocate the death penalty and would rush to flip the switch in this guy's case would square that action with their opposition to allowing terminally ill non-murderers to exercise their own right to die? Would the Supreme Court, which has held the Constitution does not protect the right to die, step in to keep this guy from trying to exercise it? Surely a killer doesn't have more rights than a near-death cancer patient.

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