Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A DeLayed Reaction Is Better Than None at All

Yesterday, House Republicans decided that maybe it wasn't such a hot idea to change their ethics rules just as they might actually have some negative consequences. The caucus approved a repeal of an amendment to the ethics rules that would have allowed those in leadership positions (read "Tom DeLay") to continue in those positions even after being indicted for a crime. This was due to the supposedly "partisan" investigation into DeLay's campaign finances that has already netted several indictments. One would hope that this change of heart was motivated by the GOP's desire to avoid looking hypocritical and opportunistic and ensuring that their leaders have not even the taint of impropriety. For once, principle might trump political expediency:

Jonathan Grella, a DeLay spokesman, said DeLay was “denying the Democrats their lone issue. Anything that could undermine our agenda needs to be nipped in the bud.”
Or not.

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