Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Album of the Day

1st, by Discus (1999): In spite of it's decidedly British origins and characteristics, progressive rock is a global phenomenon. It really first caught popular fire in Italy and the 90s rebirth was largely driven by Swedish bands. Meanwhile, the Americas have contributed more than their fair share of interesting bands to the prog stew. But so far there has only been, to my knowledge, one prog band to make it out of Indonesia - Discus. Having said that, there's not an awful lot in the music that screams "Indonesian" to my ears. In fact, were you to strip away the more pop-flavored vocal tracks with Indonesian lyrics (a good idea), you're left with mostly instrumental high-energy fusion. Good high-energy fusion, it must be said, but not particularly distinct. Still, a neat artifact to have in the collection.

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