Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Maybe We Should Start Reinforcing Fort Sumpter Again

You are a right-wing nutcase who is concerned about the "extreme marginalization of Christianity in America." You want to foment political change - but how? Here's an idea - get a whole lot of like minded wingnuts to all move into one state and slowly take it over, from the bottom up. Where might this work? Why, South Carolina, of course! That's the plan of Cory Burnell, who for some vague reason ("busy recruiting") still lives in California:

With a decisive majority, Burnell says, his group would be able to pass laws
that line up with their biblical principles and their interpretation of the U.S.
Constitution -- laws that include outlawing abortion and homosexual relations,
allowing governmental displays of Christian symbols and ending state-funded
What might it mean that for those laws to have any real effect you'd have to get out from underneath the Federal government? Why,secessionn, of course:

Edwin Gaustad, professor emeritus of history and religious studies at the University of California-Riverside, on the other hand, said, 'I would think it would have little chance of going anywhere unless there was a secession of South Carolina from the union.'

That's an option Burnell and his followers would consider, although they say it would be a last resort.

At least there's a tradition to build on there. Alas, such grand ambitions may be a long ways away. The total number of pilgrims convinced by Burnell to move to the Palmetto State is a whopping 20.

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