Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fundies of a Feather

Remember back when Dubya was building his "coalition of the willing" to go into Iraq and the French have the temerity to say, "non?" In the wake of that rejection, right wingers across the country started renaming things that had to do with France, most notably renaming french fries "freedom fries." I think I also saw mention of "freedom toast," although thankfully not "freedom kissing" (some things are sacred). Such idiocy is not limited to American militants, it appears. You see, in Iran, Danish pastries are extremely popular, but it's hard to buy them in good conscience now in the wake of the ongoing cartoon row. So, the Iranian "confectioner's union" (I am not making that up) has renamed the melancholy pastries "Rose of Muhammad" pastries.

See, underneath the cultural differences, right wing nut jobs are basically right wing nut jobs all over the world. Talk about the brotherhood of man.

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