Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Temple of the Holy Herb

As a public defender, I'm no stranger to creative defenses to criminal charges (you work with what you got, after all). But this one is pretty good. Steven Schrumpf was arrested in Moundsville after a traffic stop, during which the cop found marijuana and a pipe. The cop stopped the car after Schrumpf sat at a green light for about 15 seconds (do your own commentary, i.e. ,"oh, man, that is sooo green!"). Charged with misdemeanor possession, Schrumpf's alleged defense (his PD doesn't seem to be on board) is that "he is protected by the state and U.S. constitutions because the pot was used for religious purposes." As experts in the linked article make clear, that absolutely will not work. Good luck, tho'.

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