Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Can't They Delete the Bad Ones?

According to Jonathan Adler over at Volokh, NBC has disappeared one of the decade's few funny Saturday Night Live skits down the memory hole. It was the one from this weekend spoofing the mortgage bailout, savaging everyone from Duhbya and house Dems to George Soros.

Conspiracy theories are rampant - did NBC bow to political pressure because the skit targeted Dems as well as GOPers? Did the inclusion of Soros and a real life couple involved in the bailout - all Jewish - make the skit anti-Semitic? Who knows. Of course, once NBC officially took it down, it appeared elsewhere like virtual hogweed (Mike at Crime & Federalism found it).

I doubt many folks stuck it out past the cutting edge Lawrence Welk Show parody to see the bailout skit in the first place. Now that it's forbidden fruit, folks will search it out, of course. You know you will!

UPDATE: It's back up, but edited. It surely lives on in unedited form all over the tubes.

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