Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lifestyles of the Rich and Paranoid

Wow, I'm not sure what it says about you that are so rich that your yacht comes with pirate countermeasures:

Roman Abramovich, the billionaire owner of Chelsea Football Club, is buying a £200 million yacht with a missile detector to protect him from pirates.

* * *

The 500ft vessel also comes equipped with a yellow submarine which can dive to 160ft below the water so he and his guests can escape attack.

There are also plans to include radar equipment designed to warn of incoming rockets, together with bullet-proof windows and armour plating around the 41-year-old Russian billionaire's cabin.
Granted, when you're rich as Roman it's wise to be a bit paranoid (particularly with Somali pirates on the prowl), but still - an escape submarine? At least it's yellow (singing optional, presumably).

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