Monday, October 06, 2008


Next month marks the annual National Novel Writing Month (aka "NaNoWriMo"). For the second year in a row, I'll try and finish the month with at least 50,000 words of a novel. Last year's effort cratered at about 22,000, but it was still further than I've gotten in my other attempts, so I was fairly satisfied with the experience.

I think my project this year will make a little more sense (to me, at least), but if I get down in the dumps and need a little motivation, I'll just pull this story up:

JK Rowling is the world's highest-earning author, making more than £5 every second over the past year, US business magazine Forbes has announced.

The Harry Potter writer, who made a total of $300m (£170m) last year, wrote the first of her best-selling books about the boy wizard in 1997.
$10 (approximately) per second? I could live with that! Of course, I don't do anything creative as some part of a genius money making scheme. But a little success at the end of the day wouldn't hurt, would it?


RedZeppelin said...

Awesome. Good luck.

Are you starting from scratch or continuing/retooling your previous effort?

JDB said...

Thanks, Red. This one will be completely new from the ground up. Hopefully it won't meet the same fate!

Elvis Drinkmo said...

You got me beat, JDB. Last year I think I got out 565 words. I'm going to enter it again this year and hopefully do better.