Thursday, October 02, 2008

Legally, Watchmen Rocks

Here's an amusing little tidbit from the ongoing legal wranglings over the copyright to the upcoming Watchmen film:

One bit of good news for 'Watchmen,' the Warner Brothers superhero movie whose future has been clouded by a lawsuit from 20th Century Fox: The judge thinks it is hot.

Court papers filed by Fox on Monday seeking to split the case into separate phases for liability and damages included the transcript of an earlier hearing in which the federal judge Gary A. Fees said he had already seen a trailer for the film and liked it 'a lot.'

But Judge Fees cautioned Warner’s marketers not to over-hype. 'There’s always a risk that if you get one of these very evocative trailers, you put pressure on the movie,' Judge Fees said.
Ha! I wonder if whichever megacorp ends up with the film will use that review in its promo materials?

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