Monday, January 26, 2009

Maybe I Should Try This

I've read lots of advice about legal writing in my career. But I've never had anybody suggest rapping a brief:

Justice might be blind, but apparently it has good rhythm.

A jazz musician who filed a legal brief in a child custody dispute with rap lyrics won his appeal and will get out of paying nearly $4,000 in fees.

* * *

Royal, who has since moved out of state, said he wanted to use creativity to convince the appeals court that he was being treated unfairly and shouldn't have to pay. He spent three days writing his brief in the form of rap, which he said can capture the essence of an argument with few words.
You know, I've got an oral argument in front of the Fourth Circuit on Friday. I wonder what the panel would think if I rapped my opening?


Anonymous said...

Two words: do it.

JDB said...

Yo, I am JDB and my client's name is Barry
Of the district court's opinion you three should be wary
I don't care that all them cops wuz under stress
'cause the Fourth Amendment says that dope he had must be suppressed

Like that? Now you see why my music is all instrumental. :-p