Thursday, August 16, 2007

Even More Fun With Pro Se Filings

Yesterday I blogged about the guy, He Who Must Not Be Named,* who is suing Mike Vick for "63,000,000,000 billion" because of alleged dog theft. At the time, I didn't realize that he's a bit of a pro se celebrity, being the same guy who sued so many people in another suit that the list of defendants runs 57 pages. He ropes in hosts of people, both living and dead (including WVU legend Jerry West - WTF?!?), several organizations, and even some buildings. See for yourself here.

But returning to HWMNBN's latest adventure, Above the Law has the 3-page handwritten complaint for all to see. Highlights:

  • it's styled as a Bivens action, that being a suit against a Government official for violation of civil rights, which is interesting since Vick (as far as we know) is not a federal agent
  • Vick stole HWMNBN's identity to open new accounts at PetSmart
  • HWMNBN wants his billions delivered via UPS to the front gates at FCI Williamsburg, where he is incarcerated, which is odd since UPS is one of the defendants sued in the other suit
Amazingly, he doesn't make a claim against Vick for failing to get the Falcons to the Super Bowl, the one claim he might be able to prove!

* This gentleman has adopted one of the favorite arguments of the tax protesters, that his name had copyright protection and thus unauthorized use of it by, oh, everybody, is a potential cause of action. It's a bullshit theory, but it can be very disruptive to the targets of the BS suits.

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jedijawa said...

We saw one of those "my name is copyrighted" pro se arguments in a tax case that was in my old Prosecutor's Office. It really rattled the cage of the senior attorney in my office even though I told him that he wouldn't succeed on that ridiculous argument so don't spend so much time trying to defend against it.