Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Queen of Mean Retains Her Title In Death

There were probably very few last week who mourned the passing of Leona Helmsley - the "Queen of Mean" who was convicted of tax evasion in 1988. Still, even if you don't like her, you have to admire her ability to extend her bitchy reach beyond the grave. Her will has now become public and the big winner - to the tune of $12 million - is her dog, Trouble (with a capital T that rhymes with P and that stands for Poodle!). Trouble also gets to be buried in Leona's mausoleum (for which she left $3 million for upkeep!). By contrast, two of her grandchildren were completely cut out (the others got $5 million each, with conditions) for "reasons that are known to them."

I'm generally not a fan of gross amounts of inherited wealth, anyway, and the grandkids will probably be better off without it. And, of course, Leona has the perfect right to distribute her fortune as she sees fit. Still doesn't mean she isn't a jackass, tho'.

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