Tuesday, August 28, 2007

For the New MLS Fans

Since David Beckham arrived on these shores (he's actually playing now!), I imagine lots of new eyes have been directed towards Major League Soccer. Those folks might be a bit confused to see the Galaxy, with Becks in the lineup, getting the snot kicked out of them on a regular basis. For those folks, I offer the following public service:

The Galaxy Suck!

I say that not simply because I'm a DC United fan (although it feels awfully good), but because it's the truth. A truth you wouldn't know listening to the Galaxy spin machine. Yes, Galaxy GM Alexi Lalas called the Gals the "jewel of MLS." Yes, he's a bullshit artist - of the highest caliber. The fact is, the Galaxy right now are a train wreck, easily second fiddle in town to Chivas USA (who recently whoomped them 3-0 in the "Super Classico"). Steve Davis over at ESPNSoccernet has some analysis as to how they've gotten that way.

Keep in mind that the Galaxy are currently in 11th place in a 13-team league, ahead of only expansion Toronto FC and the terminally woeful Real Salt Lake. They've each got excuses, at least!

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