Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Album of the Day

Paradox Hotel, by the Flower Kings (2006): I have a deal with the girlfriend - the next time I'm CD browsing and I wind up with a Flower Kings album in my hand, she's supposed to remind me that I have too much of their crap already and to put it back. OK, that's an overly harsh sentiment, but it'll get the message across. Fact is, I like what Roine and the boys do, for the most part. But it strikes me as a bit like restaurant comfort food for the prog fan's soul. It's tasty, but mostly because it triggers memories of the original in the deep recesses of your mind. But just like Bob Evans is never going to measure up to what Mom makes (advertising to the contrary), the Flower Kings will always be a step behind the originals like (in particular) Yes. Plus, their complete unwillingness to self edit (this is yet another 2-CD studio album) leaves me feeling all bloated afterwards.

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