Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Won't Someone Think of the Children?!?!

"There was abuse in my family, but it was mostly musical in nature." - Terry Bohner

I've heard of parents exposing their kids to lots of questionable things - but this goes too far:

It sounds like a clubber's worst nightmare, but for parents who can't let go of their dancing days a new breed of disco is emerging - where mums, dads and toddlers come together to boogie.

It's half-past-two and the club is pumping. A badly dressed, sweaty man in his mid-30s is strutting his stuff to Night Fever, while a girl young enough to be his daughter smiles fondly.

As the glitterball twirls above and the light squares on the dancefloor flash, the man is transported back to his youth, when this sort of thing happened every Saturday.

"Gimme that night fever, night fever," the loudspeakers blare, while fingers all around are raised John Travolta-like.

Then, with the slap of a tiny hand on his cheek, the man is catapulted back to reality. That girl IS his daughter. It's 2.30 - but in the afternoon. This is dayclubbing, with the family in tow.
It's called "Baby Loves Disco," and sounds like the kind of warped depravity that could only have thrived in George W. Bush's America. First waterboarding - now this!

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