Monday, February 25, 2008

And You Think You've Got Problems

At least you're not dead, according to the government, anyway. Via Concurring Opinions, attend the tale of the note-so-late Laura Todd:

According to government paperwork, Laura Todd has been dead off and on for eight years, and Todd said there's no end to the complications the situation creates.

'One time when I (was) ruled dead, they canceled my health insurance because it got that far,' she said.

Todd’s struggle started with a typo at the Social Security administration. She said the government has assured her since the problem that they have deleted her death record, but she said the problems keep cropping up.
Sounds like something out of a Douglas Adams novel. But not quite as amusing.


Shark Girl said...

Wow! I wish the IRS would get records like that about me and cancel my tax note due.

rebecca said...

Wow! I want to laugh, but that would have to suck! (@ Laura, not at SG)