Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Game On! (Political Version)

Can't you just taste the excitement? Super Duper Tsunami Tuesday Bright Happy Funtime Hour (Presented by Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs) is upon us and West Virginia is already off and running. Well, the Republicans are, at least. Sort of.

In order to try and play a greater role in the selection process without moving the May primary, the state GOP held its first party convention in Charleston today. 18 of the state's 30 delegates were up for grabs (the rest get allocated in May during the primary). And the winner is . . . Mike Huckabee! Mitt Romney topped the first round of voting, which dumped Ron Paul from the proceedings, but couldn't overcome the Huckabee juggernaut, apparently powered by McCain supporters.

The plan from the McCain camp appears to be if he can't win it, The Mittster better not, either. Which makes me giggle and think of Mary Matalin, who was on Meet the Press this weekend (with her hubby, James "Gollum" Carville), just irate that Huckabee hasn't dropped out yet so that Romney can smash McCain. She damn near popped a vein. I can't imagine what this kind of strategy is doing to her.

UPDATE: Geez, nobody but the Huckster is happy. As Lincoln Walks at Midnight reports, both the Romney and Paul camps are pissed at how things turned out in West Virginia.

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