Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Album of the Day

Üdü Wüdü, by Magma (1976): If there is one band that hangs over progressive rock like some sort of demonic specter, it's Magma. And how couldn't it be? The band (1) is French, (2) was formed by a drummer, (3) created it's own language, Kobaïan, for lyrics, and (4) was so out there that it spawned its own prog subgenre, Zeuhl. So leave it to me, when picking up my first Magma album last year, to grab the one that seems to get the most tepid response from fans (to be fair, it was the only one in stock). But I like what I've heard (and I'm not as bothered by the more prominent use of synths as some folks), particularly the sprawling 18-minute "De Futura," so I'll have to expand the collection. If it really is, as some have said, "room clearing" prog, I'll find it yet!

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