Monday, April 14, 2008

From the "No Shit" File

Boy, it must have been a slow weekend around the Charleston area, 'cause this was the front-page headline on today's Gazette:

In search of Bigfoot
Sasquatch sightings scant in W.Va.
No shit! It gets better:
Twenty searchers taking part in a four-day quest for Bigfoot along a stretch of the Greenbrier River in Pocahontas County emerged from the woods on Sunday without making any visual encounters with the legendary primate.
That's some Earth-shattering news, right there - a bunch a people wandering around a forest managed to not find a beast that's never been proven to exist. Call Katie Couric!
During the nighttime forays, searchers often play recordings of suspected Bigfoot whoops or sound their own Sasquatch calls in an effort to attract the elusive primates.
Calls? Since they've never managed to attract and capture a sample Sasquatch, perhaps the calls aren't all that accurate, huh?

The one redeeming fact in the story is that it appears that none of these loons were actually from West Virginia.

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