Wednesday, April 23, 2008

There's No Pleasing Some People

Usually, when people - drunk people, in particular - interact with police, they'll do whatever it takes to keep from going to jail. But, there are always outliers:

Officers found a man there requesting to be taken to the "drunk tank," the complaint said.

Police identified him as John William Cornwell, 47, of Jackson Street.

Cornwell was handcuffed and taken to CARES - the detoxification facility - to sober up, the complaint said.

After arriving there, Cornwell began flirting with the intake officer and refused to blow into a portable Breathalyzer to determine his level of intoxication, the complaint said.

The officer told Cornwell he needed to undergo a breath test to remain at CARES, or he would be charged with obstruction, the complaint said.

Cornwell then told the officer to take him to jail, the complaint said.
He finally took the breath test (and blew a .288!) and continued to demand to be taken in, but the cop wouldn't do it. But don't worry:
He then became upset and began cursing, refusing to allow the office to remove the handcuffs, the complaint said.

The officer left the cuffs on and charged Cornwell with obstruction, the complaint said.
Ahh - everybody loves a happy ending.

Maia Sez: Never argue with cops - even if you're right, you never win.

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