Monday, April 07, 2008

Even More on Max

I'm sorry to keep bringing this up, but the Max Mosley scandal is just the gift that keeps on giving. First, there was the revelation about Mosley's little Nazi-themed orgy. Then there were some more licentious details, culled from video of the event that's floating around. Now, today, there's this background nugget, in a New York Times article on the whole fiasco:Family history has added to the notoriety:

Mr. Mosley, 67, is the younger son of Britain’s 1930s fascist leader, Sir Oswald Mosley, and the society beauty Diana Mitford, whose secret wedding in Berlin in October 1936 was held at the home of the Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels and included Hitler as a guest of honor.
For his part, Max is taking the very American course of action in suing the bastards for invasion of privacy:
The Times of London reported Friday that Mr. Mosley would argue in his lawsuit that he spoke German during the sex-and-bondage session because two of the women involved were Germans, not to engage in Nazi role playing. He learned the language when his parents, interned by Winston Churchill during World War II as security threats and self-exiled in Paris after the war, sent him to an exclusive private school in Bavaria for two years. He later earned a physics degree from Oxford and became a lawyer before making a career in motor racing.

The Sunday Times of London reported in this weekend’s editions that Mr. Mosley was the target of a set-up involving a van with a hidden videocamera parked outside the Chelsea basement flat where the sex session took place, and that a miniature camera was concealed in the one of the women’s brassieres.

It quoted - Mosley associates as saying that the prison garb worn by the women were 'American convict uniforms' and as dismissing the Nazi allegations by saying, 'The scenario was more Alcatraz than Auschwitz.'
Really, you just can't make this stuff up.

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