Monday, April 14, 2008

Don't Taunt the Judge

I know that, regardless of how infuriated a judge makes me in court, if I ever stoop to personal insults I'm a dead man. Forget the best interests of my client - the best interest of keeping my ass out of jail will be gravely harmed. It works the same way on the soccer field, too:

Take Peru for example where champions Deportivo San Martin have just booted Uruguayan striker Mario Leguizamon into touch for insulting a female referee.

The club took the decision to terminate his contract after Leguizamon allegedly told ref Silvia Reyes that she was 'unsatisfied sexually' following his red card during San Martin's clash with Alianza Atletico last weekend.

'San Martin expresses solidarity (with Reyes) not just because she is a lady but also because she is the authority in control of the match and therefore deserves obedience and respect,' the club said in a statement.

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