Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Know Your Judicial Candidates

As this blurb from today's Gazette points out, the traditional poll of WV State Bar members about the various judicial candidates across the state is out. You can see the whole report here.

The big news is that, of the four candidates for Supreme Court, current Chief Justice Spike Maynard came got the lowest score for "overall qualification for office," a 2.4 (out of 5). To be fair, though, the spread from Spike to the highest qualified (my former law prof Bob Bastress and Menis Ketchum) is only 0.6 of a point. Still, it's the difference between barely "adequate" and "good," so make of that what you will.

The report also contains results for local circuit judges, so be sure and track down your home town jurist!

Maia Sez: I'd vote for Bob, if I wasn't a dog. And if I didn't live in Pennsylvania.

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