Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Rethinking Goals

As a frustrated novelist, my writing sessions often turn out like this:

And for what? Fame? Money? A spot on some best seller list? No, that's all too fleeting and insubstantial. What I really want to accomplish (beyond actually finishing a manuscript some day) is to write something so polarizing that its mere presence on a bookshelf can be a relationship killer. Talk about a legacy!

Actually, come to think of it, the girlfriend was eyeing the bookshelves in the studio this weekend while we unpacked my new CD/DVD storage thingy. That makes me nervous. The woman reads books like a drink Diet Cokes, from deadly serious non-fiction to high literature to pulpy mysteries. I can't in any way compete. I hope I have some positive qualities that offset my literary tastes! I did finally finish Good Omens, tho', honey.

'course, she already puts up with my oddball musical tastes, so that surely means something. :-)

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RedZeppelin said...

At least you stick with it. Finishing a manuscript is a huge accomplishment by itself. I'd love to have a) the idea, and b) the discipline to sit down and write a novel.