Thursday, September 11, 2008

Coffin Farm FC

I know it's not completely out of the ordinary for recently deceased Americans to be buried in the colors of their favorite sports teams. Weird, but not unheard of. A German soccer club is taking the next logical step - a team cemetery:

Hamburg have become the first football club in Europe to open their very own cemetery where fans can be buried next to the club's stadium.

The German side's HSV Arena stadium is clearly visible from the cemetery, which can cater for up to 500 fans.
Of course, this ain't cheap:
Hamburg supporters will pay up to £1900 for the privilege of being buried just a stone's throw from the stadium in a coffin decked out in the club's traditional blue-and-white colours and bearing the club's logo.

They can also choose to have their ashes buried in an official club urn, which will cost about £315.
That's real dedication, to spend your eternal rest next door to the stadium. Sure, it sounds great now, but what happens when Hamburg fall from glory and wind up playing in the minor leagues?

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