Thursday, September 04, 2008

Feel the Love

The other day I said that John McCain's VP selection was partly designed to shore up his support amongst the religious right. Apparently not everybody is on board (via DFtCW):

So here is my three point plan:

1. Vote Constitution Party. (I vote my conscience and cannot support McCain even with Palin.)

2. Pray for Sarah Palin to win. (I am an idealist, but also a realist!)

3. Pray for John McCain's salvation and speedy death. (Google The Forerunner's articles on Impecatory Prayer if you think this is harsh.)
Wow, I'm not sure what is more unhinged - praying for someone's death or voting for the Constitution Party (they're a little bit out there). At least they put salvation first. I suppose that's the "love thy enemy" idea I've heard so much about.

UPDATE: Along these lines, Eugene Volokh answers the musical question - are people who pray for God to strike down their enemies committing attempted murder? Probably not, but it's still a fun hypo.

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MountainLaurel said...

Praying for death. That's a bit over the top. In fact, it's pretty horrific, I think, and if they're talking about a Christian God, it's unlike any other branch of Christianity I've heard of.

if you want Palin at the head of the party, at least pray that McCain gets caught up and destroyed in a scandal. The last time the VP had to take over, that was the reason.

Though I'd even have a hard time doing that.