Thursday, September 11, 2008

Everybody Chill!

Wow, who would have thunk it - the most stressful state in the nation is little ol' West Virginia:

West Virginia is home to the highest percentage of stressed-out people in the United States, research from the University of Cambridge suggests.

West Virginians are more anxious, impulsive and stressed than residents of any other state - even New York, which ranked third - according to the study.

* * *

he reasons for West Virginia's high score: Researchers found a connection between stress and poor health.

In West Virginia, people exercise less. Heart disease and cancer rates are sky-high. Life spans are shorter than just about anywhere else.
I suppose that makes some sense. After all, if you're worried about impending death and laboring with a chronic disease, things can get a little heavy. I have to say, tho', I'm not sure exactly how our short life spans jive with being the oldest state in the Union.

So, here's what Dr. JDB prescribes - everybody take a deep breath, sit down, have yourself a drink, and (to continue the week's Marillion theme) let "Angelina" take care of you:

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