Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Now That's Some Change

I've given John McCain some grief over his attempts to rebrand himself (and his 25-years Washington career) as the agent of change, but I have to admit that when he starts channelling Huey Long, he's changing:

Fourth, no Wall Street executives should profit from taxpayer dollars. It is wrong to ask teachers and farmers and small business owners to fill the gas tanks of the helicopters of Wall Street tycoons. The senior leaders of any firm that is bailed out should not be making more than the highest paid government official.
Long, you'll recall, was the Louisiana populist whose "Share Our Wealth" program included a plank taxing personal holdings above $1 million (in 1934 money). So McCain is tapping into a long history of populist animosity against the rich when the economy turns sour. Smart (will he take Newt's advice?).

One assumes that the official McCain has in mind is the President, who pulls down $400,000 a year, which isn't chump change. I wonder what the football coach at Air Force makes, tho'?

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crystal dawn said...

McCain a sudden populist. How fucking convenient. They will be trying to tie Obama with this whole bailout as well, just wait and see.