Friday, September 05, 2008

Those Happy (and Brave) Few

Saturday night, the United States continues its World Cup qualification with a match against Cuba in Havana. Given the state of relations between the two countries since Castro came to power, it's not surprising that we haven't played them on their soil in over 60 years. When the Cubans have come here for the Gold Cup, it's not been pretty, with big defeats on the field and regular defections off it. That to one side, will they make the most of their home field advantage?

It's not like there will be a cadre of US supporters to make some noise. Travel between the US and Cuba is still very restricted. In spite of that, CNNSi soccer guru Grant Wahl has a story about five intrepid (and unidentified) American supporters who made it to Havana via Mexico. A commando unit of Sam's Army, as it were. That's a long way to go to support the team.

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RedZeppelin said...

That's a happy story until we discover that Alberto Gonzalez has labeled these fans "terrorist suspects" and thrown them in Gitmo for some interrogation.