Thursday, November 10, 2005

Let's Go Revs!

Since DC United were unceremoniously bounced from the MLS playoffs a couple of weeks ago, I figured I'd be watching this weekend's tenth annual MLS Cup Final (3:30 pm on ABC) as a neutral detached fan of the game. Not anymore, as LA Galaxy coach (and mastermind of the infamous 3-6-1 debacle in France 98), has said this about his team (English translation courtesy of North American Soccer mailing list):

I give the orders to the team on the field, but it's God who guides me. It's not my hands that steer the Galaxy, but the hands of God. If he wants us to be champions then so be it, because only his power should prevail.
Well, that about cinches it then, doesn't it? Let's go Revs!

On a related note, am I the only one who is stunned that MLS has been around for 10 years? I know they've been celebrating it throughout the season, but I guess it really hit me when I heard young players from both New England and LA talk about how they "grew up" as Revs or Galaxy fans. Sure enough, for those young 21 year olds, they've grown up with a top-flight professional American soccer league. How kick ass is that?

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