Monday, November 07, 2005

Look Out, Germany

It's a foregone conclusion that Kasey Keller will be the number 1 goalkeeper for the US in next year's World Cup. Who will be number 2? Man United's Tim Howard, who conceded a goal to the other goalkeeper (off a clearance) in a reserve match next week? Let's hope not. My vote goes to Marcus Hahnemann, who plys his trade with Reading (along with fellow Yank Bobby Convey) in the Football Championship, the second level of English football. Reading is a favorite for promotion to the Premier League this season, thanks in large part to Hahnemann's stout work. At least that's what The Times thinks:

AS READING shoot for the stars, their aim fixed firmly on the Barclays Premiership, they could not have a better man protecting them. At 6ft 3in and 16st, Marcus Hahnemann, the American goalkeeper, cuts an imposing figure. Big and bald, a bad-assed bounty hunter kind of guy with attitude.
How can he not be on our roster next year?!?

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