Monday, November 14, 2005

More Right Wing Sex Talk

Last week I noted the propensity of some right wingers to write bad porn in their spare times. Apparently if your a winger and not writing porn, you want to make sure that nobody else can ever read/watch/listen to it. Salon has this article (use the free day pass to get it all) about hearings on porn conducted by Kansas senator (and potential presidential candidate?) Sam Brownback. Well, it was more of an anti-porn hearing (not exactly "fair and balanced"), during which various experts opined on the evils of porn and the self-pleasuring activities associated therewith.

Brownback spoke for the country: I think most Americans agree and know that pornography is bad. They know that it involves exploitive images of men and women, and that it is morally repugnant and offensive . . .
Hmm, he has a funny definition of "most," given the huge money-making machine that is the porn industry in this country. I think the true motivations of these folks is found in these comments:
Sen. Orrin Hatch attended a portion of the hearing to voice his support for a clampdown on pornography. He compared explicit sexual material to high-fat food and secondhand smoke, saying this was a "problem of harm, not an issue of taste." "America is more sex-ridden than any country in world history," said Utah's senior senator, quoting a 25-year-old study.
"Sex-ridden?" Usually to be "ridden" with something is a bad thing (jokes aside, please), as in saying "Dubya's White House is ridden with scandal." Isn't it sad that those in power believe that sex is something that is inherently evil and must be stopped in our lifetime?

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