Tuesday, January 24, 2006

14 Dead Miners? Sorry, I Gotta Meeting

Yesterday, the US Senate began hearings investigating our two recent fatal coal mine accidents here in the state. In a typical display of arrogance from the administration, MSHA head David Dye walked out of the hearing about halfway through, after giving testimony. In other words, he left before he had to listen to any critics. Arlen Specter, chairman of the Senate committee doing the investigation, was not impressed:

Senator Specter responded with frustration:

'I can understand your pressing other business. It may well be that some of the senators here have pressing matters, too. We don't think we are imposing too much to keep you here for another hour.'

After Mr. Specter added, 'That's the committee's request, but you're not under subpoena,' Mr. Dye got up and walked out.

'I can't recollect it ever happening before,' Mr. Specter said of the departure. 'We'll find a way to take appropriate note of it.'

But why should we be surprised? Unchecked arrogance is nothing new from Dubya and his crew.

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