Friday, January 27, 2006

Album(s) of Yesterday

Car Caught Fire (2001) and Live (2002), by The Bears: I picked two albums for yesterday (Blogger died mid-post), because they are related in a couple of ways. For one, I got them both for Christmas this year (thanks Mom & Dad!). For another, they cover a lot of the same material, as Car . . . was the reunion studio album for the band and Live chronicles the ensuing tour. The Bears are a twisted little pop band feature Adiran Belew that was originally active (I think) between the time Ade worked with Zappa and he joined King Crimson. They were largely dormant 2001. In spite of the shared material, there's enough to distinguish each disc. The live version of "Success," for example contains some extended Belewness that raises it from great to kickass, while Car possesses my favorite new tune, "Safe In Hell," which doesn't show up on the live disc.

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