Monday, January 23, 2006

Euphamism Defined

One of my favorite George Carlin bits is one in which he picks apart euphamisms to show how they dilute the impact of impolite concepts and distance the speaker / listener from the reality of the subject. In that spirit, I present this peculiar turn of phrase I discovered this weekend. I spent Saturday evening at Pullman Square, a sort-of-mall but not really a mall in Huntington. It's set up to mimic a main street type setting, which leaves the parking building in the back of the whole deal. It was only while eating dinner that I noticed the name of the parking building:

Nick J. Rahall II Intermodal Center
Intermodal Center? I know it's a tough realization that if you're a Congressman from West Virginia all the good stuff is named after Bob Byrd but, c'mon, it's still just a parking garage!

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