Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Legal Eagle Racing - Autocross Update

Many SCCA regions in our neck of the woods wait until March or April to get their autocross season underway. Not the SWVR - we're not smart enough for that. So we begin our season in January, regardless of weather (for the most part). Thankfully, the weather was just right for our opening event of 2006, the Deep Freeze autocross (organized by yours truly). It was cold, but sunny, as 51 folks showed up for the event. This was the debut of the Legal Eagle Racing Civic Si in H/Stock:

LER Civic Si

We had 12 cars in my class, including last year's class winning car, a Mini Cooper, on Kumho V710 autocross tires. The car was sold over the offseason, but I still figured I'd get beat, since my car is (still) bone stock. But no! The new owner of the Mini had some trouble coming to grips (so to speak) with the car, while I got consistently quicker as the day went along. In the end, with a best time of 49.320, I won the class by about 8/10ths of a second. That was good enough for 26th overall on raw time and 9th overall on PAX. I was pretty pleased, on the whole. If I'd had a set of v710s myself, I think I could have taken the PAX. Something to shoot for in February (assuming it doesn't snow!).

Of course, when guys like this come by and hang out, if only for a few minutes, people don't care too much about little 4-banger quasi-minivans. :)

Yellow Gallardo

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