Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Fun With Telemarketers

I generally don't hate telemarketers the way most people do - I just answer the phone, let them start the script, politely but firmly say, "I'm not interested," and hang up. But this weekend I got one that apparently wasn't ready to deal with my demographic.

*ring ring*

Me: Hello?

TM: Hello, I'm calling on behalf of the Dove Foundation. May I speak to the lady of the house?

Me: There is no lady in this house.

*long pause, maybe 25 seconds*

TM: OK, are there any children or grandchildren for which you care in this home?

Me: Nope, just a 32-year old single guy.

*another long pause*

TM: Well, sir, I, um, well . . .

Me: Thanks, but I'm not interested.
I've never gotten one of them so far off their game like that! For the record, from what I've read elsewhere, the Dove Foundation is a group dedicated to promoting "family friendly" entertainment by providing reviews of movies, video games, etc. to protect impressionable youngsters from scary things. Like life.

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