Monday, January 23, 2006

Album of the Day

That's right, kiddies, it's that time of year again! Each year around this time I endeavor to listen to every CD in my collection while at work. Last year I went through the racks chronologically, but this year I'm going back to the classic (and much easier to manage) alphabetical route. So, for the next few months, I'll discuss, highlight, or ridicule one album that I listened to that day. With that background, away we go!

Megalazottak es Megszomoritottak, by After Crying (1992): A new year brings a new disc to start things off (sorry, All Too Human fans!). Literally - I just picked this up last week. After Crying are an Hungarian group that takes a decidedly different approach to prog. I'm reminded, in terms of instrumentation, by Universe Zero, about which I asked at one time "is this even rock music at all?" Heavy use of strings, trumpet, and winds gives the album a modern chamber music feel. However, there is just enough drum and synth on Megalazottak es Megszomoritottak to keep things more in the symphonic prog vein. The tunes here are very moody, tho' not "dark," per se. Definitely need to be in the right mood for this one (not an "in the car" disc!), but well worth it once you're there.

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